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YouTube customize channel – Tech Online Free.

Hello friends, today we will know how to customize YouTube channel after creating YouTube channel, if you also want to customize your channel without any mistake, then follow all the steps given below, after creating a new YouTube channel, our channel is exactly the same. It is fresh that our channel does not have any type of channel icon, nor is there any channel art. So it is very important for us to customize our channel, only by customizing the channel, we can create channel icon and channel art on our YouTube channel. You can do many similar things by customizing your YouTube channel. So you are reading about YouTube customize channel. Please read all post to learn more about it.

customize YouTube channel

Let us know about what you can do in channel customization.

1. Channel trailer.

2. Featured video.

3. Profile picture.

4. Banner image.

5. Video watermark.

6. Channel description.

7. link ( website and media account link ).

8. Contact information ( email and number ).

Friends, whatever I have mentioned above, we can do all that by customize YouTube channel. If we make all the above mentioned changes in our channel, then our channel will also look like a professional channel.

What is needed to customize YouTube channel.

1. Channel trailer – If you want to set channel trailer on your channel then it is very important to have trailer video of channel.

2. Profile picture – 98×98 pixel photo and Which should not be more than 4MB in size.

3. Banner image – should be 2048 × 1152 pixel image and which should not be bigger than 6MB size.

4. Video watermark – 150 × 150 pixel video watermark image should be there and Which should not be more than 1 MB in size.

friends, I have mentioned 4 options above. If you have all those things, then you can very easily customize YouTube channel like a professional channel. And also give your channel a good Can give a look!

How to customize YouTube channel –

1. First of all you open “”.

2. Now you click on profile icon in the top right side.

3. Now you will see many options in front of you then you can click here on “Your channel” Click on.

4. After the YouTube channel is opened, now you click on the option with Customize Channel.

5. After clicking on Customize Channel, now the channel customization will be open in your screen.

6. Now you click on Branding here.

7 Now we want to upload profile photo in our channel first then click on upload below profile picture.

8. After clicking on upload, now you select the profile image from your computer or laptop and after clicking on open, now the profile picture will be set on our channel.

9. Now the Customize Profile Picture window will open in your screen So you click on Done here.

10. After setting the profile picture, now we have to set the banner image, then you click on the upload option under the banner image.

11. After clicking on the upload option, from your computer or laptop Select the banner image and then click on Open.

12. Now Customize Banner Art window will open on your screen then you click on Done here now banner image will be set on our channel

13. After setting banner image now we have to set video watermark so now you can set video watermark

14. After clicking on upload, select the profile picture from your computer and laptop and then click on the open option. Thanks for reading customize YouTube channel, now read next point.

Please be continue –

15. Now the Customize Video Watermark window will open on your screen. You click on the Done option here.

16. After setting the video watermark, select the custom start time and leave it here at 00:05.

17. After setting the profile picture, banner picture and video watermark, now publish it here.

18. Now our YouTube channel But Profile Picture, Banner Picture and Video Watermark have been successfully set.

But our work is not completed yet, now we have to add channel description link and contact information, so after setting all this.

19. Click on Basic Information.

20 After coming to the basic information, you will see a box to enter the channel description, then you can write about your channel here.

21. After that scroll down and go to the link section, now here you click on the option with +Add link.

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22. After clicking on +Add link, a box will open to add the link, you will be below the link title (required) You can write whatever title you want to write and whatever URL you want to enter below the URL (required), you can enter the link of your website or social media account.

23. Now you can enter the contact information section. Go and here you can enter whatever email id you want so that someone can contact you.

24. After entering the channel description, +Add link and contact information, now you click on the publish option.

This  (YouTube customize channel ) is very important for AdSense approval. So after this you can monetize your channel.

Now you open your YouTube channel and see how it looks. Because now our YouTube channel is successfully customized. If you want to know about customize YouTube channel then please visit our YouTube channel and see more video. And want to read my other post, you can –

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YouTube customize channel


how to customize youtube channel on android ?

First of all you have to login to your YouTube channel. Now tap your profile picture in top right side. Click on your channel. Now Under your channel description, tap Edit and click again Next to your name or description, on Edit. simply Update your channel name or description and tap the tick in the corner and save all setting.

Thanks for see our website customize YouTube channel.

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