You are currently viewing How to make a blog ? By Tech Online Free.

How to make a blog ? By Tech Online Free.

How to make a blog ? By Tech Online Free.

Hello friends today we will talk about blogging. Writing a blog is an easy task, but it is not as easy as we can understand. In this post we understand how to make a blog. Before this a question in our mind what is blog. You are reading about how to create a blog for free and make money. So we learn about it.

What is blogging ?

This is a platform where a person can write his thoughts and share it with millions of people through the internet. In this, a person can also get some income. So today we will learn about how to make a blog.

How to make a blog

It is a source of knowledge, man come on. You have a shop in which you keep some products, you have also made a website to sell them. If so, It proves to be helpful to promote your products around the world. You share the details of those products through this, so nowadays blog is more popular about anything you search on Google. So most of the results come from  itself.

how to make a blog ?

First i explain you free blogging tips so that please read free trick. Please read carefully about blogger tips.

1. First of all you have to open the it’s website like, through any web browser in your computer.

2. After opening the web site, you have to login by entering your Gmail or Password for make a blog.

3. After login, you will see the option of “create a new blog” on the screen, you have to click on it.

4. You have to enter the title of your blog which is going to be the name of it.

5. In the next step, you will have to give the address which should be different, it should be something unique, if it is unique then it will be written in front of you “this address is available” after that click on next.

6. Now next you have to give your display name which is your profile name after that OK on finish.
Now your blogging is ready, whatever name you have given in the address field is it’s address, free  always comes with a sub domain.

If you want to do blogging by spending some money, then start your this career keeping in mind the intake.

Create a blog on WordPress –

To create a blog on World Press, you have to go to the WordPress website and create your account and hosting is not free, so for hosting also I suggest you to take your hosting on Hostinger and after that HTTPS which can be done anyway. You have to do because in all this becomes automatic but it has to be done manually and it also costs hosting money but I will suggest that you create a blog on only because it performs a little better.

Make a blog on blogger –

Blogging is atall free on blogger. Beacuse hosting is also free for blogger. So you have to create blog on blogger for learning purpose. First of all open blogger website in any browser. There after click on craete an account.

Now write URL name (see in picture).

write blog name without spacing for make your site URL ( If you see ‘ this URL name is not available’ then write another name again. Now click on save.

All done. Please see my other post to customize blog.

If you learn some thing about blog, please write us in comment box.

If you interest in my other post please visit –

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Now let me tell you what are the things to keep in mind while blogging. Whoever writes the post on the website, blog and before writing the blog, more information should be acquired about it from the internet so that if you write a blog, you can write with good experience.


How do I create a blog for free?

If we want to write a blog, for that we should go from Google’s Blogger website and create our account on it. After creating an account, we can think how to make a blog for free and earn money by getting it approved with Google Adsense.

Do beginner bloggers make money ?

Sure, new blogger can make money confirm. If you are a new blogger then you have to work hard regularly and put unit post so that you can easily get approved from Google Adsense.

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