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How to get wifi password – Tech Online Free.

How to get wifi password – Tech Online Free.

Hello friends Internet has become common in today’s time and WiFi is required to run the net. Sometimes WiFi passwords are forgotten. Through today’s post we will learn how to recover forgotten password. You have lost your wifi password and you are connected to the same. You want to connect the device to it but you have forgotten the password. So today I will tell you how to find your password. 

Although there are many ways to reset wifi password. But let me tell you some important apps by which you can easily recover wifi password. If you want to change wifi password, then this method also working. So please read my post carefully and do the same as post. 

How to get wifi password

This method use in laptop or computer. So try this trick in pc only.  If you have a computer and you have forgotten its password. Then do the following tips.

Follow the steps given below for wifi password –

1. First of all you have to connect your computer to wifi, whose password is to be known.

2. After this you have to right click on the symbol of wifi network in the taskbar of your computer.

3. After clicking, “open network and sharing center” will appear in front of you, click on this option.

4. After this an option will be showing on the screen of your computer that “Change adapter setting” click on this option.

5. After clicking, all the wifi networks around you will be visible in front of you, but right click on the wifi network you are connected to and click on the option with status check.

6. Now click on the option with wireless properties from the options you see.

7. Now you have to click on Security option.

8. Now it will be written on the screen in front of you that “network security key” is the only password of  wifi. If the password is hidden then you have to click on the option with “show character”, after that you will see the password of the same wifi.

This is wifi password recover or reset only, not for hacking. If you forgot it. Then recover from this trick.

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