You are currently viewing How to find imei number without phone ? By Tech Online Free.

How to find imei number without phone ? By Tech Online Free.

How to find imei number without phone ? By Tech Online Free.

Today’s post we will learn How to find IMEI number without phone. In today’s time, mobile has become like an integral part of every human being. It becomes very important to keep mobile. Because no work can be done without mobile. So mobile is found inside every pocket and if someone keeps mobile. If his mobile If it is lost, or you cannot get the mobile bill with you on time. Then how will we be able to find the IMEI of that mobile. We will talk about it in today’s post.

First we have to know what is IMEI number ?


In today’s time, many people do not even know what is IMEI. If we keep mobile, then we should understand IMEI even today. Because it is the security number due to which our mobile is identified. And from this all the work of the missing mobile or mobile can be identified. IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity.

How to find this number ?


By the way, if we have a mobile, then from *#06# we can find out the IMEI number. But when the mobile is lost, then you can find out from its bill.

After that you have pc or other device for find IMEI number without phone. For you it is important to remember your Google account. Because only through that we can find out IMEI We will also tell you.

Find IMEI number

How to find google Account ?


As you know we must have google account for find IMEI number without phone. For this you need to recover your SIM, first of all, get that SIM lost from the company. Get a new sim of my number.
After that insert your sim in the smartphone. By the process of recovering google account, first of all you have to recover your google account. And you can also recover the password.

Find IMEI number without mobile.


first for this You have to open the browser of your mobile.
go to inside the browser and type on it google find my device and search.

Find IMEI number.

Now inside the side (Find my device, ) you have to sign in with your google account.

As mentioned in the picture, a list of all your mobile’s sign-in will be maintained inside it. 

Inside that you have to select which of the latest mobile you have to find out the IMEI.

The information icon will remain next to the name of that mobile. 

You have to click on that I button, as soon as you click on it. 

A new pop-up window will open inside which your IMEI will be found.

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