You are currently viewing Delet your instagram account permanently (with picture) – 2022.

Delet your instagram account permanently (with picture) – 2022.

Delete your Instagram account permanently (with picture) – 2022.

In today’s world, social media is an important platform on which everyone is present. Inside this, you can be present in any app, as if today we talk about Instagram, the platform of Instagram is present in everyone’s presence. And if you have thought of deleting this account then this post is important for you. First of all, let’s talk about the reason for the one who wants to delete Instagram account. Maybe you may have less interest on the Internet or you want to reduce the time spent on computer or mobile, even then you can think of deleting Instagram account permanently. And by deleting Instagram account, you can also delete your account to work tense on your mind, whatever may be the reason.

Before deleting Instagram account, we learn how our data can be saved. The process of saving the data of Instagram account is given below in which you can save your complete data.

Save your Instagram data –


1. First of all, you have to open your Instagram account, which you want to delete. After that in the corner lower right there is a logo type named profile icon and click on it.

Delete Instagram account

2. Now you will see a circular icon in the top right corner click on it and then click on setting.

3. Now you will get the option of security name under the option of chatting, clicking on it, click on the next download data option.

Delete Instagram account.

4. You have to enter your email address inside the box given below and after that click on request download.

Delete Instagram account

5. Now Instagram will email you your complaint data within 24 to 48 hours, so that you will get all your saved data like your photos and contacts etc. will never get.

Now you can delete your Instagram account permanently step by step.

How to delete Instagram account ?

First of all you have to login to your account. There after go to account page or unique page “Delete Your Instagram Account“.
Now give proper reason from drop down menu to delete your account.

Delete Instagram account

Next step click on “Delete” button.
Ok done.

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Thanks for reading my post – delete your Instagram account permanently.

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