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Affiliate marketing – step by step full guide

Affiliate marketing – step by step full guide.

In today’s time the Internet has become an important thing in the world, everyone feels good to spend time on the Internet. If we can earn some income through internet also then it will be very beneficial thing. That’s why in today’s post I tell you how to earn money by spending time on the internet. Through Affiliate Marketing, you can earn good money with very little effort. What is the process for this, I am going to tell you in today’s post, please read it carefully.

What is Affiliate marketing ?


Affiliate marketing means that any social media celebrity or popular blogger has to sell the product of any company by advertising on its website or its social media account and earn commission from it, whatever the commission is and it is decided according to the product. You can do part time job or full time job through affiliate marketing. Through this you can get a good income from small commission.

affiliate marketing.

Product for Affiliate marketing –


What type of product is it and in what quantity it can be sold or such that a good commission can be earned from the product which is going to be used in our everyday life,
such as: – electronic items, fashion and Lifestyle Category, Food Items, etc.

How to do Affiliate Marketing: –


First of all, to sell any type of product, you have to bring more reach on your account or blog, and at least between 5 to 10 thousand visitors. You will have to bring so that you will be able to earn good commission, if you are a new blogger and have less visits to your blog, then you will not be able to reduce good commission, for this you will have to increase your social media account or your blog’s views and visits, so that people can visit your blog.

Share as much as possible to the account or your page And more people will visit it. When any person  buy the product by clicking on the ad on your blog or page or social media account, you can get a good commission from the product company,  For this is the best company, by selling its product, you can earn good commission. Can Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

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In this post i explain about Affiliate marketing full guide step by step all tips and trick. How it work and earn money from it. If you are thinking about work on it please read my post carefully.


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